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The smart home is smart business.

No matter what trade you're in, there's never been a better time to get into the fast-growing smart home business. Become a Nest Pro now to install the products and solutions your customers are asking for - and stay ahead of the competition

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Create new revenue streams and increase your profitability.

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Easily create a connected home for your customers. 

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Win more business with the brand customers want. 

Bring the connected home to the kitchen table. 

Google Nest products help keep your customers' homes comfortable, safe, and secure. And they're designed to work together, so you can offer your customers more products and solutions than ever before. 

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Cameras and Doorbells 

Help customers keep an eye on their homes, day and night. With flexible installation options, there's a Nest camera or doorbell for every home. 

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Smart Speakers and Displays 

With Nest Hub, Nest Mini, and other Nest speakers and displays, customers can get help from Google Assistant and easily control compatible smart devices, like lights, locks, and thermostats. (2)

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Smart Thermostats

Customers can choose from three great energy­saving thermostats at three great prices, all with HVAC monitoring built in to keep pros connected to homeowners. (1) 

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Bring fast, reliable Wi-Fi to any home with Nest Wifi, our powerful Wi-Fi system, and Google Wifi, the easy upgrade that's a great value for your customers. (3) 

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Safety and Security 

Products like the Nest Protect smoke and CO alarm and the key-free Nest x Yale Lock can help give customers peace of mind, whether they're at home or away. 

(1) Alerts can notify users of a potential issue with an eligible HVAC system. They're meant to provide helpful information, not an endorsement. representation, or warranty of any kind about the health of an HVAC system. Alerts aren't intended to replace a diagnosis by a qualified HVAC professional. (2) Requires compatible smart devices. (3) Home size, materials, and layout can affect how Wi-Fi signal travels. Larger homes or homes with thicker walls or long, narrow layouts may need extra Wifi points for full coverage. Strength and speed of signal will depend on your internet provider. 

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Join Nest Pro Rewards

Now you can earn points just for doing one of the things you do best -installing Nest products. You'll even earn a bonus just for signing up. Choose from rewards you'll love, like brand-name merchandise, vacations, and sporting events. Or pick Nest products to reinvest in your business and increase your profitability.* 

*'Availability of individual rewards not guaranteed. Nest Pro Rewards available to Nest Pros in the US only. To learn more, read the terms and conditions.

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