Product Trainings


RePure Module 3: Water Quality 101

Overview of the current state of water quality, how it affects human health, and the solutions that address it.


Google Fall New Products/Features Introduction 


RePure Module 4: How to Use Simple Tools to Create a Healthy Home for Your Clients

Walk with us through the steps from initiating a conversation with your clients about wellness in the home to deploying a solution.  Learn about all the tools and resources available to you.


Google/Nest Ecosystem Overview 


In this series we will review the Google Nest Ecosystem in its entirety.  You’ll learn how this ecosystem seamlessly works in tandem to help make your customers homes more intuitive, contextual and helpful.


RePure Module 5: Partnering With the Trades to Integrate Whole House Solutions

Finding a local tradesperson and developing a business relationship is a primary component to deploying our integrated whole house solutions.  What needs to be considered prior to approaching a tradesperson? And tips on how to maximize this relationship to the benefit of everyone involved.


The power of Google Duo and the Nest Hub Max 


In this series we’ll explore all the unique capabilities of The Nest Hub Max. Whether you want to make a video call with Google Duo, attend a Zoom Call or simply watch your favorite videos on YouTube; Nest Hub Max has you covered.